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Look Out, Butterfly!

Summary: A wordless nonfiction book, told through brightly colored photographs. It traces a butterfly's trail from one flower to another. The narrative is predictable ("but, look out!"). Butterfly alm...
Regular Price: $6.50
Item # PL-7020

Stop That Robot!

Summary: A wordless picture story about a boy who does not want to clean his room, and therefore has his friendly household robot do all the work for him. The robot becomes disgusted with the boy's la...
Regular Price: $6.50
Item # PL-7000

Get the Fruit!

Summary: A humorous picture story set in the jungle. Pair of monkeys have their eye on a juicy-looking piece of fruit hanging just out of reach. The wordless story follows their inventive but unsucces...
Regular Price: $6.50
Item # PL-7001

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Summary: A wordless picture story, retelling the traditional tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The story follows Goldilocks' journey through the bears' house, as she samples their bowls of porri...
Regular Price: $6.50
Item # PL-7002

Cat and Dog

Summary: A wordless picture story about two animals. Cat steps out through the cat flap, unaware that Dog is about to pounce. A frantic chase follows, which almost ends in catastrophe. However, there ...
Regular Price: $6.50
Item # PL-7003

In the Boat

Summary: A simple math story about a mouse giving animals taxi rides in his boat. As each new group of animals climbs aboard (e.g., two rabbits, three cats, etc.), the boat becomes more crowded, and a...
Regular Price: $6.50
Item # PL-7004

Dinosaur Rock

Summary: A simple picture story about a band of dinosaurs and the instruments they all play: guitars, trumpets, drums, flutes, pianos. The dinosaurs guild up slowly into a huge band until finally they...
Regular Price: $6.50
Item # PL-7005

Monster Mess

Summary: Two little monsters are busily painting…something! Each new spread shows that the monsters have painted a new shape (stripes, squares, triangles, etc.) in a new color. Only at the end of the ...
Regular Price: $6.50
Item # PL-7006

In the Garden

Summary: A simple story about two boys and the different places they find to plat in as they explore a backyard. They travel from the tent, to the sandbox, and through the grass, leaves, and mud befor...
Regular Price: $6.50
Item # PL-7007

Fly Away Home

Summary: A patterned and predictable animal story about a ladybug looking for a home. She is rebuffed by other animals, until finally she finds and unusual place that makes her happy. The story map on...
Regular Price: $6.50
Item # PL-7008
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